Smart Working with Germans

26.10.2017 | 14:00
- 18:00
KGCCI conference room, 7F


Seong-Eun Cho
Email: secho(at)

Intercultural seminar in cooperation with Workin



Korean employees who are working in German (Joint-Venture) companies in Korea
Korean employees who are strongly interested in introducing the benefits of Korean company culture to German colleagues


What are the specific characteristics of German’s working methods?
What are the hidden factors of intercultural conflicts between Germans and Koreans?
How is it possible to prevent these conflicts between Germans and Koreans?
Which kind of practice is useful to come up with new revealing solutions?

The benefits gained through this seminar are not only deepened understanding of German working styles, but also reinforced ability of integrating easily with the German corporate culture. In this sense, this seminar can contribute a successful collaboration between Germans and Koreans at the working place. The desired goal of this seminar is to create a synergetic effect between both cultures.

Korean Participants will be able to communicate more openly with Germans.
Korean participants will easily connect with their own inner source of power.
Korean participants are able to understand cultural differences and can easily generate creative solutions for difficult challenges.


Date & Time: Thursday, 26. Oct. 2017 (14:00-18:00)
Location: KGCCI Conference Room (7th Floor)

Language: Korean
Participation fee: 500.000 Won + 10% VAT

Please register online until 23th October 2017.

Lecturer: Dr. InAh Shin
Dr. Shin is a director of the Institute for Work & Innovation (Workin) in Seoul and has over 15 years of experience as an intercultural trainer/consultant for Germans and Koreans. She studied Sociology and Psychology in Germany (Goettingen). Her intercultural seminar is not only theory based, but also provides practical methods to help participants with obtaining insights.

Training References
Robert Bosch Korea, BASF Korea, Carl Zeiss Korea, Hannover Messe, Continental Automotive Korea, Wacker Korea, LG Electronics, AHK Korea, SBLimotiv, Leoni Korea, Schaeffler Group, Osram Korea, Siemens Korea, Samsung Group, Kotra etc.

For any inquiries, please contact Ms. Hee-Seon Lim / 02-37804-601