At the heart of the games

The German House has established itself as the official home of the German sport-family near the venues of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and simultaneously as a magnet for business enterprises.

It is THE black-red-golden meeting point and thereby the heart of German presentation at the Olympic and Paralympic Games: the German House. Since 1988 athletes, business partners, journalists as well as representatives from politics and society have gathered together under one roof to celebrate the largest sporting event in the world. The German House offers companies an ideal setting for exchange and networking – in a unique atmosphere in closeness to the action.

There is nothing closer

University, museum or beach club – the setting changes, but the core idea is maintained: Provide German sport and its partners an attractive home during the Olympic Games. For the winter edition in PyeongChang 2018 the German House will open its doors at the Birch Hill Golf Club, in immediate neighbourhood of the sporting hotspots. The “Alpensia Jumping Park”, the venue for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2018 will be within sight of the German House. It is even closer to the Olympic Village and to the “Alpensia Resort”, which will host events including biathlon, cross-country skiing, Nordic combined and luge. The same applies for the „Olympic Plaza“, where the opening and closing ceremony will take place.

From February 8th to 24th, 2018 this meeting point will once again unfold itself on 1,500 square meters in its many facets: party zone, communication centre, show- and TV-stage, networking platform, media forum. In short: The heart of the German sport-family and their guests from media, business, politics and society. The German House in 2018 will once again be organised by the Deutsche Sport Marketing (DSM), the exclusive marketing agency of the German Olympic Committee (DOSB) and the German Paralympic Committee (DBS). On March 10th, when the German Paralympic athletes will settle in the Birch Hill Club, the venue will go into its second phase as the German House Paralympics. Business partners will find an equally communicative stage to maintain a strong presence for the duration of the Paralympic Games.

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House of the athletes

The immediate proximity is one of the reasons, why DOSB and DBS, in consultation with DSM have chosen Birch Hill Club in the Alps of PyeongChang as the home of the athletes. “Due to its central position the German House will serve as a magnet for the team and its guests.” – says Dirk Schimmelpfennig, DOSB-board member for elite sport, who will lead Team Germany as Chef de Mission for the very first time to PyeongChang 2018. “It shall be a real house for the athletes. One, which we can be proud of.” The Birch Hill Golf Club is part of the YongPeong resort, which was built in 1975 as a leisure facility with lifts, cross-country skiing trails and apartment houses. The resort is located 200 kilometres east from the South-Korean capital Seoul at 700 metres above sea level. The venues of the coastal region in Gangneum with the stadiums for ice-hockey, curling and speed skating are 37 kilometres to the east.

A powerful platform

It is not without reason that many ventures in the Olympic and Paralympic environment, which have matured into brands in the past years have taken their first steps at the German Houses – companies are “not just part of it, but right in the middle of it”. One of the greatest strengths of the platform: It connects interests in an authentic atmosphere. This framework is traditionally also employed by companies to their advantage – in particular those that are located close to the venue of the Games. An appearance in this setting is not only appealing due to the closeness to the sport and the athletes, but also because of the communicative opportunities to connect directly with other guests: to present products and engage in activities in the German House, to organise theme evenings or sport related incentives with business partners are just a few of many forms of an engagement in an exclusive atmosphere.

For Rio 2016, the hotspot for the German sport family and their guests was established at the “Barra Blue Beach Point” on 1,300 square metres, where the German House has received long lasting and energetic impulses through their partners – and in return inspired their existing communication with the on-site generated content – content of their own and of the German team. A win-win situation for both sides. Each and every time the Deutsches Haus is extremely individual and unique as much as the place, where it is located. As a member of AHK Korea, you have the opportunity to create a part of the national Olympic and Paralympic history with us. We are looking forward to your contribution and an unforgettable event.

What we offer:

Planning and consultation
Just as a German House without athletes is unimaginable, the less it is feasible without partners. You form the foundation of the meeting point, whether it is with products, services or entertainment elements. We are happy to assist you in every step of the planning and implementation process.

The German House is the communicative distributing center of the German team during the Olympic Games and simultaneously a magnet for media representatives and influencers with a wide reach. Press conferences with the athletes, interviews in the mixed zone of the German House and shootings for their own channels take place, on a daily basis.

Content and image transfer
The achievements of the Olympic and Paralympic Team will obviously be celebrated adequately in the German House on the same evening – images, that are going to be published via different channels in their home country. Through an engagement in the German House, your brand will authentically be associated with an emotional content of high quality.

Your presence in the German House allows you access to highly ranked representatives from business, politics and sport. As organisers of the German House, we at Deutsche Sport Marketing will work with you in order to develop a concept that puts you as our partner in the best possible position to attract the attention of the visitors - adjusted to your needs and your target group.

Your options at a glance*:

*The listed options/offers are subject to exclusivity rights of existing partners. Every inquiry will be examined individually.