04.07.2017 | 13:00
- 18:00
KGCCI conference room (7F)


Seong-Eun Cho
Email: secho(at)kgcci.com

Practical Workshop to Enhance Clarity in Business Emails



Nearly every Korean employee of foreign companies needs to communicate through email with their head office or with overseas business partners. It is a challenge for many of them.

But, surprisingly most of the problems they face are not related to their English language skills. In fact, many are professionally proficient in English. Instead, their difficulties are linked to expressing complex business concepts briefly and with clarity and presenting ideas in a logical way.

This intensive workshop for busy professionals is intended for those who already possess adequate English skills and who wish to advance their ability to write emails clearly, with etiquette, accuracy and logic. While useful English language expressions, words and formulas are presented, this workshop doesn’t focus on improving language skills as such.

Benefits of this workshop
This workshop takes a practical approach in writing more effective and professional emails. It is highly interactive, which allows participants to get answers to their individual questions. It is also conducted by a seasoned business person with real-life experience.


Module I: Email Formatting

  • Improving formatting of email message fields
  • Optimizing subject lines to catch the recipient’s attention, get a reply and act upon a request
  • Enhancing clarity through other useful formatting tips

Module II: Email Language and Style

  • Using proper formality and the right tone and etiquette with different recipients and in various circumstances
  • Making use of proper email greetings, openings and closings
  • Following good structure and sequence between paragraphs for better sequence and flow
  • Using effective English sentences, expressions and words and avoiding others in order to minimize confusion;

Module III: Email Message Clarity, Accuracy and Logic

  • Applying tips to convey clearly, briefly and accurately the ideas and objectives of a message
  • Using arguments, direct wording and reasoning to support claims or conclusions
  • Using various simple writing techniques to give logical flow to a text
  • Applying a few elements of cross-cultural communications to avoid misunderstandings

This workshop is conducted by Vectis CEO Simon Bureau, who has 30 years of international business experience. He formerly served as Chairman of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Korea for 4 years. He is a graduate of Bishop’s University and HEC Business School in Canada. Simon has worked a total of 20 years in Seoul, as well as in Montreal, New York City and Washington D.C. 


Date & time:      Tuesday, July 4 2017 (13:00 - 18:00, 5 hours)

Location:          KGCCI conference room (7th Fl.)

Language:        English

Session fee:     KRW 250,000 + VAT

Registration: please visit our website until 30th June 2017.

For inquiries regarding registration and parking:
Ms. Hee-Seon Lim / hslim(at)kgcci.com / Tel.: 02-3780-4601