Smart Communication (소통:Sotong) with Koreans

21.02.2018 | 14:00
- 18:00
KGCCI conference room, 7F


Seong-Eun Cho
Email: secho(at)

Intercultural seminar in cooperation with Workin



German Business leaders who are working in German (Joint-Venture) companies in Korea and in Korean companies


Why is the “Gibun” (기분: feeling of harmonious energy) so important to build trustful relationships with Koreans?

Why don‘t Koreans speak openly and say, what they really expect from others?

Why do Koreans deal with plans and rules so negligently? 

How is it possible to prevent and self-diagnose the hidden reason for conflicts? 

Which kind of solutions are useful to change Korean perceptions of this problem? 


Deepen German’s understanding of Korean working styles and reinforce German’s ability to easily diagnose the hidden cause of intercultural conflicts with Korean employees, clients and customers etc. 

Understand the Korean style of communication (소통:Sotong) and react effectively. 

Systemically learning the Korean unspoken rules of Sotong to practice these with creative solutions for conflict situations. 

Successful collaboration between Germans and Koreans in the work place. 


German participants will be able to communicate more sensibly with Koreans.

German participants will easily connect with the hidden core of powerful communication with Koreans

German participants can easily generate creative solutions for difficult challenges.


Date & Time: Wednesday, 21. Feb. 2018 (14:00-18:00)
Location: KGCCI Conference Room (7th Floor)

Language: German
Participation fee: 500.000 Won + 10% VAT

Please register online until 19th February 2018.

Lecturer: Dr. InAh Shin

She is the director of the Institue for Work & Innovation (Workin) and has over 15 years of experience as an intercultural trainer/consultant for Germans and Koreans. She lived and studied Sociology and Psychology in Germany (Goettingen). Her intercultural seminar is not only theory based, but has also been combined with her field study.

Training References

Kolon, Duerr Korea, Robert Bosch Korea, BASF Korea, Carl Zeiss Korea, Hannover Messe, Continental Automotive Korea, Wacker Korea, LG Electronics, AHK Korea, SBLimotiv, Leoni Korea, Schaeffler Group, Osram Korea, Siemens Korea, Samsung Group, Kotra etc.

For any inquiries, please contact Ms. Seong-Eun Cho / 02-37804-665