2016 Winner Profiles

Innovation in Business: iBULe Photonics

iBULe Photonics convinced by an innovative and proven business based on the application of special materials. Commercial probes were developed in close collaboration with FraunhoferIKTS (Dresden), InfraTec (Dresden) and the Korean Agency for Defense Development.

Innovation in Green Technologies: BASF

BASF was awarded with the Green Innovation award for its tried and tested “Elastocoastaclever”, a sustainable and environment-friendly solution for effective coastal defenses.

Innovation in Workforce Development: C&M Robotics

C&M Robotics was awarded in the Workforce Development category with its “Young Meisters Program”, a vocational education and training program that enhances significantly the employability of high school graduates –especially for small & medium enterprises.

Winner video

Chairman Award: Korea Telecom

Korea Telecom (KT) in cooperation with the Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning with its proposal for “Avian Influenza and Infectious disease preventing through big data” was awarded with a special “Chairman Award”. The Chairman Award was given to KT as it showed a practical application of big data technology on a serious and urgent problem. The jury considered this project as a lighthouse project, which hopefully encourages others to engage in this novel technology as well.