2017 Innovation Awards Highlights

2017 Highlights



At the 3rd KGCCI Innovation Awards hosted by the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KGCCI) on September 22nd, four companies were awarded for their outstanding innovations: Draeger Korea, MarineBio, Sualab and Komachine.

Draeger Korea, the winner of Innovation in Business, convinced with ‘Babyleo® TN500’, a nurturing environment for premature babies as a holistic solution, which protects against infection, water-loss and noise while controlling temperature, oxygenation and brain development at the same time. Babyleo® TN500 significantly reduces mortality of premature babies and length of stay of the baby within the hospital, and integrates parents actively into the Care process.

Marinebio, the winner of Innovation in Sustainability, captivated with “Pulp and bio products from red algae” as an marine borne alternative for pulp land (tree) borne one, which saves resources during processing and offers economic chances especially for underprivileged regions.

Sualab, the winner of Innovation in Digitalization, stood out due to SuaKIT, an inspection solution for textile industry based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The machine-vision deep learning Software Library combines high accuracy with fast processing speed and easy usage which leads to accurate and low-cost inspection process.

Komachine, the Chairman Award winner, an online platform connects local supplies with overseas buyers and switches a traditional off-line industry in an on-line industry. By bridging the gap and supporting the complete process it can be seen as a door opener to a global market for local mid-sized suppliers.

In its 3rd year, the KGCCI Innovation Awards attract more and more Korean companies to apply and use the chance to make their innovations known to an international audience. Barbara Zollmann, President and CEO of KGCCI: I see this as a clear sign of a growing innovative capacity of Korean companies and that the companies are increasingly getting ready for the international stage. 

KGCCI thanks the sponsors of the KGCCI Innovation Awards for supporting this private initiative to foster innovation and Korean-German cooperation in Korea. KGCCI will continue to recognize the most innovative German and Korean companies year by year. For more information, go to the website www.innovation-award.kr.

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