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List of Job Seekers


- German, male

- Education: Master Degree in International Relations

- Looking for: I am looking for a job in the area of consultations, communications and marketing etc., where language skills, knowledge about economics and politics, as well as cultural insights of Korea and Germany are needed. I consider Korea and Germany, but also other countries as possible places to work at.

- Seniority (number of years employed): 6 Month Internship

- Work experience: 

I gained some work experience as an intern in a non-profit organization, but also worked as an intern at a trade company here in Korea. In total I worked about six month as an intern in the aforementioned organizations.

Languages: German (f), English (c), Korean (f)

Computer skills: Basic Computer Skills 

Others: Currently I am completing my master degree in International Relations (in Korean) at the Seoul National University. I am a very hard working person, always eager to learn new skills. As an former athlete (swimming, waterpolo and marathons) I know what it means to work hard to reach my goals. However I also know what it means to work in a team and I always do that with great passion. I am a very positive person who likes to learn new things and converse with people from different cultures.



- Korean, male, born in 1978

- Education: B.A. Economics

- Work experience: 

- 2010 ~ Current : Technical Director / Automotive 3rd. Party Quality Service Provider

: Take in charge of SQE/CQE as a 3rd party consultant over 100 projects across the various production process
: Conducted process audit(VDA6.3, PAPA) and recommended process improvement solution 
: Responsible for general management to set up a business plan, reporting to top management, etc. 

- 2005.8 ~ 2009.11 : Manager / Program Manager / Sam Shin Chemical Co.,Ltd. 

: Program manager and chief of overseas sales dept. 
: Lead APQP process with  North America vehicle market.
: Champion of Cross Functional Team and leader for FMEA, MSA, SPC, PPAP evaluation. 

- 2004 ~ 2005.8 : Staff / Overseas Sales Team / Daewon Wiring Harness Co,.Ltd.

: Subcontractor examination/valuation
: Domestic/overseas component purchasing planning

Languages: German (b), English (f), Korean (M)

Computer skills: MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Micro Project)


- OA Industrial engineer certificate (Jun. 2005.)
- Computer Efficiency Test certificate (Oct. 2003.)
- Achieved ISO-9001 Examination Manager Certificate. (Apr. 2007.)
- Achieved IATF16949 internal auditor course (Sep. 2017)  



- Korean, male, born in 1963

- Education: Master Degree

- Looking for: GM, Representative or RM for Korean Desk

- Work experience: 

- GM of Manila branch & Clark branch in Philippines
- GM of Nonhyunnam branch in Seoul
- Team Head of Overseas Marketing Team, Head Office
- GM of Bahrain branch in Bahrain
- SRM for Korean Airlines, Dae Woo Shipbuilding, KAI etc.
- RM for Hyundai Motor Group
- Chief Ref. Officer of Dubai Rep. Office in UAE
- Senior Manager of Bahrain branch in Bahrain

Languages: English (f), Korean (M)

Computer skills: MS Word, Excel

Others: Had been in 49 countries on Business Trips & Backpacking Trips



- Korean, female, born in 1985

- Education: Master (University Munich)

- Looking for: International Sales/ sales administration/ trading/ international marketing

- Work experience: International Sales support Associate, Kumho Tire Europe Co. Inc, Frankfurt, Germany

- Manage Germany office sales associates

- Research Germany's automobile market trends and report to corporate

- Research and contact new clients in Germany, Switzland and Luxemburg

- Produce promotional materials for new cilient visits

- Conduct quarterly client satisfaction surveys and report to corporate

- Organize Germany office performance and report

- Manage German logistics companies' delivery status and manage container order status

- Languages: German (f), English (f), Korean (Muttersprache)

- Computer skills: MS word/ppt./ excel/ web searching

- Others: One of my biggest assets is my openess towards every situation, especially in intercultural enviroments. During the years I have gathered a lot of experiences of people and cultures in different contries.



- Korean, female, born in 1983

- Education: German Law

- Looking for: I' m looking for jobs especially, where i can use my knowledge of the German language. I have no preference whatever the field of works is.

- Seniority:

- Work experience: During my studies i worked as a casual employee at various fair shows in Germany for many Korean companies.

- Languages: German (f), English (c), Korean (Muttersprache), Italian (b)

- Computer skills: MS

- Others:



- Swiss, female, born in 1990

- Education: Bank apprenticeship

- Looking for: I am looking for a new challenge in Seoul where I can use and refine my existing skills but also learn new ones

- Seniority: 7 years

- Work experience: I have worked in different international companies in the position of an assistant, secretary, client relationship manager and compliance officer.

- Languages: German (fluent), English (f), Korean (conversational), French (basic)

- Computer skills: MS, CRM, SAP, Photoshop

- Others:

My name is Nina Hediger, I am 27 years old and a holder of a visa F4. I am going to move to Korea in October 2017 for the second time and wish to find a job in Seoul where I can apply and refine my existing skills but also acquire new ones. As you may see from my professional experiences, I am good at adapting in new environments and I offer a wide variety of abilities since having held different kind of positions throughout the past years.It lies in my nature to see where I can be of help and to proactively offer support where needed. I am positive that I can master any challenge with my motivation, commitment and personal interest to provide impeccable service at any time - whether for internal or external parties.I like to work in an environment where trust, respect and open communication are a fundamental part of the company culture because I firmly believe such a mentality is vital for long lasting success. If you think my know-how as well as my working philosophy are a good foundation of what you are looking for in your future employee, then I would be delighted to hear from you in order to discuss the job opportunity.Thank you for your precious time and kind consideration.



- German, male, born in 1944

- Education: State School for International Trade and Commerce

- Looking for: CEO, Interim Managing Director

- Work experience:

  • 2016/7 - 2017/6  
    Sales Director, South East Asia, KTR Korea Ltd., Guri
  • 2009/8 - 2016/6  
    Representative Director, KTR Korea Ltd., Guri
  • 2007 - 2009        
    Sales Director Asia Pacific, WILO Pumps Ltd., Seoul
  • 1994 - 2007         
    Representative Director, KSB Korea Ltd., on behalf of KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal, Germany
  • 1989 - 1994        
    Representative Director, WILO Pumps Korea Ltd., on behalf of WILO GmbH, Dortmund, Germany
  • 1984 - 1989        
    Export Manager, WILO GmbH, Dortmund, Germany
  • 1981 - 1984        
    Commercial Director, Hansa International Construction Ltd. Lagos, Nigeria

- Languages: German (fluent), English (fluent) 

-> Testimonials and certificates are available upon request.



- Korean, male, born in 1986

- Education: B.A. German, International Trade

- Looking for: Sales & Marketing position

Languages: English (f), German (c), Korean (native)

Computer skills: MS Office, MAC OS

- Others:

Background and personality

I was an ordinary student who spent the school days in Seoul and did not have a special dream. I who was locked up in a small world went to Germany for study in my college days on the recommendation of my mother, and experienced the world there for the first time. When I contacted Peter the Great’s diary accidentally in Germany, I made up my mind to see the world personally. Peter the Great made Russia which did not belong to Europe because it was old into a spacious territory and made a foundation for Russia to be recognized as a member of Europe. He personally acquired the technology and did not refuse the difficult thing. Afterwards, I came back to Korea and organized a wild trip club to successfully lead Annapurna Sanctuary tracking of Nepal. Also, I experienced many things as traveling the wild in Gwangseo area in China and riding a horse in Mongolia. During this process, I directly faced a risk including the kidnap in China and escaped from it. I could grow more in this process. When I performed military duty as a KATUSA, I was in charge of senior KATUSA solving the conflict between American soldiers and KATUSAs and could learn how to sacrifice myself as taking the initiative to promote the harmony of the organization. As I wanted to see the world more close during the trip, I studied for the national canvasser exam for a while but I could not obtain a good result. But I think this time was not futile because I could understand the world I saw more systematically while studying the international politics and international law, and cultivate the modesty and patience. That is, I saw the world for the first time through the life in Germany and grew through the travel and became mature through the preparation for the Foreign Service Examination.

Work and special experience

I think my most important role as the local employee of the foreign company is the bridge role between the company and local area. In this sense, I should be able to respond to both cultures flexibly. I could cultivate this capability by sharing the same office and work as American soldiers and supervising the combined training with Korean forces. My main duty includes the assistance to the training of US forces and Korean forces, troop management, and public relations of the US force activity.. I was awarded a letter of appreciation and a letter of recommendation from US forces when I was discharged from military service in return for this contribution of mine.



- German, female, born in 1990

- Education: Master of Science in Business Administration (Marketing)

- Looking for: Full time position preferably in the area of Marketing / Sales / HR

Work experience: Since 09/2016: Global Marketing Associate at Sinjimoru Co., Ltd. (part time)

Languages: German (f), English (f), Korean (c)

Computer skills: OS: Windows and macOS, Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint, IBM SPSS, Adobe Photoshop

- Others:

I love challenges and getting to know different cultures, which is why I decided to study the MS marketing program at Korea University from March 2015. Currently, I am in the process of finishing my master thesis in the area of consumer behavior and expect to graduate in August this year.

I am a very passionate person when it comes to achieving my goals, but also very patient and a good team player who is able to quickly integrate into new environments. In September 2016, I was thus able to land my first part time job as a global marketing associate in a Korean company. There, I am in charge of the customer service with German customers, creating and managing advertisement campaigns as well as translating and creating contents for the products.

So far, living and working in Korea and eventually speaking Korean on a professional level have been the drivers that brought me to where I am today. It is my greatest goal to become a professional that can negotiate and help promote the business relations between Germany and Korea. Thus, I am looking forward to an opportunity to prove my acquired skills and experiences preferably in the marketing, sales or HR sector.


- Korean, male, born in 1966

- Education: Bachelor's Degree in Economics

- Looking for: Branch office manager or Sales manager

- Seniority: Daewoo E&C of 23 years

- Work experience:

1. 3 years Car sales for Daewoo Motors
2. 6 years construction site management
3. 5 years Accounting
4. 2 years overseas Construction site management
5. 7 years Procurement management for EPC PJ

- Languages: Korean (native), English

- Computer skills: MS Office

- Others:

1. Essential Qualifications
I graduated from KYUNGPOOK NATIONAL University in 1991. And then I have ever worked for DAEWOO Engineering & Construction for 23 years. During my working for DAEWOO, I have experienced a versatile task in the company, 3 years of Sales, 5 years of Accounting, 6 years of Site Management, 3 years of Buying, 4 years of Procurement Management, and captured many important things during the collaboration work with team members for a successful business.
Those have been relationship, passions, grit, challenge, positive thinking, trust, integrity and so on.
In particular, 7 years-the experience in buying and procurement for overseas PJs(EPC PJ in Oil & Gas fields) has steadily sharpened my business planning - managing budgets / setting up procurement plan / building procurement team / updating weekly-biweekly-monthly report on the performance - to get forward.
I have considered the most important thing of them as to be honest. Because firstly, it drives and keeps me on a reliable relationship in the countless networks for a long time. Secondly, it is helpful to be win-win by sharing their own strengths and weaknesses.
2. Conclusion
You can envision it is a good decision that you elect me to work with you together. Because I am willing to share my strong points with you – Network Management, Communication & Collaboration skills with the internal and external, Orchestrating Team members - based on the experiences of different sectors away from you. Besides, any feedback from you on German products and Companies can make me more familiar and permeant to the chemistry you have had.


- Russian, female, born in 1985

- Education: Master's Degree

- Looking for: positions in IT project management, outsourcing

- Seniority: 3 years full-time, 3 years part-time

Work experience: 

- technical documentation and functional tests (part-time position at a software company in Bamberg)
- administrative positions (Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines and NATO Information Office in Moscow)
- teaching English and Russian

- Languages: Russian (f), English (f), German (f), Korean (b), French (b), Chinese (b)

- Computer skills: Java, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS, SQL, basic knowledge of networks, MS Office, Git, JIRA, Confluence, TYPO-3, Docker, Source Tree, SAP (R3)

- good analytical skills, attention to detail
- team player
- adapt and learn new things quickly
- goal-oriented
- work well in a multicultural environment


- Korean, male, born in 1960

- Education: MBA at Stony Brook Campus of State University New York and Yonsei Graduate School of Business Administration, BA English Language and Literature major, Economics minor

- Looking for: Managing Director

- Work experience:
AKG Korea, Director (Jul., 2010 - Jan., 2017)
General Management, Financial Control, HR, Sales & Marketing 

-General management, financial control and HR
-Sales and marketing strategy build and update
-New customer development
-Price/Profit management
-Annual and 5 years sales plan build and management
-Customer and competitor intelligence collection and update
-Customers/Projects managed: Volvo CE Korea/Cooling Modules for Excavators, Doosan Infracore CE/Cooling Modules for Excavators and Loaders, Hyundai Heavy Industry CE/Cooling Modules for Excavators and Loaders, Hyundai Motor Special Vehicle/Reduction Gear Oil Cooler Ass’y for Concrete Mixer Truck, Hyundai ROTEM/Converter Cooling System for High Speed EMUs (Railway Industry application), Everdigm/Oil Cooler Ass’y for Concrete Pump Car, KP Electrics/Oil Cooler Assy for Electric Train Transformer (Railway Industry Application), CompAir Korea/Coolers for big air-compressor unit

AKG Thermotechnik International GmbH & Co. KG, Sales Consultant for Korea market (Dec., 2009 – Jun., 2010)

-Sales and marketing of Heat Exchangers at Korean market
-Establishment of AKG Korea Ltd., the Korean subsidiary company of AKG Thermotechnik International GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Modine Korea LLC, Senior Manager (Aug., 2004 - Oct., 2009)
Off-Highway Sales Team, Sales and Marketing Division                                 

WiniaMando Corporation, Deputy Senior Manager (Dec., 1999 - Jul., 2004)
Overseas Sales and Marketing Team                                                   

Mando Machinery Corporation, Americas Sales and Marketing Team Manager (Mar., 1990 - Nov., 1999)                              

Hyup Jin Enterprise Co., Ltd., Sales and Marketing Team (Dec., 1986 - Feb., 1990)


- Languages: Korean (native), English (fluent)

- Others:

-Experience in corporate management: general administration, financial control, HR, sales and marketing
-Broad knowledge and experience in local and international sales and marketing of parts and systems for Passenger/Commercial Vehicles, Construction Equipment and Agricultural Tractors
-Ample experience in strategic plan build and execution
-Experience in program management and joint venture feasibility study
-Experience in new customer development



- German/Vietnamese, male, born in 1991

- Education: Bachelor of Science Operations & Logistics Management

- Looking for: Internship/Assistant in Business Administration / International Business / Consulting / Logistics / SCM

- Work experience:
04/2016 - 09/2016 Internship at Mercedes Benz Global Powertrain Operation - Daimler Truck Group
- Optimization of Logistics Process through PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) Logics
- Acquisition and responsible handling of problem solving process in supply chain management
- Application of the value stream method and optimizing bottle neck area, coordination between different departments and projects.
- Preparation for management presentation, work shops, reporting in photos, documents, data analysis back to management team

07/2014 - 08/2015 part time jobs at Hugo Boss AG in Logistics Department
- Commissioning of raw material
- Finishing documents for raw material
- Communication help in warehouse

11/2014 - 04/2015 Broschure Design for International Business Fair at my home university
- CAD Design
- Comunicating with other teams Logistics, HR, Companies joining the Fair

10/2009 Volunteer work at Canadian Education Fair
- Logistical help at the Fair

- Languages: German (fluent), English (fluent), Chinese, Korean (b)

- Computer skills: Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint), Java, CAD, mySQL, SAP ERP (b)

- Others: Open-minded, well-communicated, self-confident, team player


- German, female, born in 1988

- Education: Master of Arts, International Studies

- Looking for: Entry positions for graduates

- Work experience:

Project Coordinator Flitto (Internship)
Research Intern NKDB (Internship)
Communication Coordinator NDR

- Languages:  German (native), English (fluent), Japanese (f), French (f), Korean (conversational)

- Computer skills: Word, Excel, Power Point

- Others:

- Work experience in Europe and East Asia
- Worked on projects in international teams as well as individually
- Highly motivated to challenge new opportunities
- Seeking long-term career in Korea


- German, male, born in 1989

- Education: Master of Science, Finance & Accounting

- Looking for: Controlling/ Finance

- Seniority: 5 years

- Work experience:

Highly versatile Senior Controller in a German internationally acting medium-sized company, substantial expertise in business planning, project management and investment controlling, experienced in introducing and operating a variety of professional IT applications

- Languages: German (f), English (f), Spanish (c)

- Computer skills: SAP R3, Qlikview (BI Tool), Prevero Professional Planner (BI Tool), MS Office

- Others:

Currently, I am employed as a Senior Controller at Mederer GmbH in Fürth, Germany, and can look on several years of controlling experience. In my current position, I support the development and implementation of projects with high strategic and operative importance for the further development of the Mederer Group.


- Korean, female, born in 1988

- Education: Bachelor of German Language & Literature

- Seniority: 3 years

- Work experience:

05/16 - jetzt
Generalkonsulat der Republik Korea
• Konsularische Referentin
• Leiterin der Visumsabteilung
01/14 - 04/16
FIDELIS Accounting GmbH & Park & Lemke RAe
• Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung, Finanzbuchhaltung, Steuerlich Erfassung, sonstige benötigen Nummer beantragen
• HR-Auszug/Gesellschaftsvertrag sowie die Grüdungsurkunde übersetzen, Gewerbeanmeldung, Rep. Office & GmbH neu gründen/konstruieren, Aufenthaltserlaubnis für entsendeten Mitarbeitern beantragen, beim Notar KR-DE dolmetschen

- Languages: Korean (native), English (f), German

- Computer skills: Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Photoshop


- German, female, born in 1985

- Education: Master's Degree, Sociology

- Looking for: Trainee, Assistant or other Entry Position (full time)

- Work experience:

-part time work in tourist industry (sales & consulting service)
-student part time work at a major German health insurance company (in charge of filing systems and database)
-internship at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Seoul (Research & Office Assistant)
-internship at German School Seoul International (Administration)
-volunteer work for Aiesec Global Student Organization (incoming exchange, correspondence, recruiting, counseling & mentoring)
-volunteer work for Aiesec Indonesia (Language & Culture Teacher, Cultural Research)

- Languages: Korean (b), English (f), German (f), Spanish (b)

- Computer skills: Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Photoshop

- Others:

I am a native German seeking employment in Seoul starting from January 2017. I am currently residing in South Korea for a working holiday program (since January 2016), learning about Korean culture, language and life itself. After obtaining my Master's degree in Sociology (with focus on Social Psychology and Occupational Sociology) last winter, followed by the accomplishment of two very interesting and educationally enriching internships in Seoul, I am confident to take on the challenge that is genuine labor employment. I have experience working in an international surrounding, enjoy working team-oriented but also independently and can easily adapt to different work environments. I'm a very reliable person.


- German, female, born in 1989

- Education: Graduate in Business Studies (Economic science)

- Looking for: a job opportunity in Seoul, mainly in Administration or as Assistant

- Seniority: 10 years

- Work experience:

11/2013 - 09/2016 Corporate Purchasing, Schaeffler Technologies
• Administration / Assistance activities for various Purchasing sectors (e.g. Travel, Fleet, Greases)
• Preparation of analyses, reports, presentations and calculations
• Execution and support of price negotiations, demand and purchasing planning
• Organization of several events and internal meetings

07/2009 - 10/2013 Contract Management / Logistics Schaeffler Technologies
• Verification of shipments, customs arrangements, import, export
• Assistance of the head of Contract Management / Logistics

09/2006 - 07/2009 Apprenticeship as an Industrial Management Assistant, Schaeffler Technologies

- Languages: German (f); English (c)

- Computer skills: Microsoft Office, SAP

- Others: I am a flexible, reliable and responsible person with high motivation and multilingual competence who will live for three years in Seoul. Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to improve my skills and work experience abroad. For better communication I started to learn Korean.


- German, male, born in 1988

- Education: Master of Science in Business Administration

- Looking for: Internship in controlling (management accounting), finance or accounting. Traineeship in the mentioned fields.

- Work experience:

Lufthansa Cargo AG - Controlling internship
KFW Bankengruppe - Accounting working student
Debitos GmbH - Assistent to the management working student

- Language skills: German (f), English (f), Spanish (c-f)

- Computer skills: MS Office

- Others:

I am looking for an internship for 3-4 months, preferably in the accounting, finance or controlling department.
I am on my last steps of my master studies and recently handed in my master thesis. For this reason I want to use the remaining time productively by doing another internship. During my studies I worked in several companies and I hope that I can contribute my collected experience.
I would be appreciate of a further cooperation after the internship in particular through a traineeship in the mentioned departments.


- Korean, female

- Education: Master degree in German-Korean Interpretation and Translation

- Seniority: 17 years

- Work experience:

2015.Jul ~ Present: Audi Volkswagen Korea
1. Key account manager of brand Bentley and Lamborghini.
Overall control of SCM, pricing and Dealer development.
2. Feasibility study with VW Group regarding market entry of new brands

2012.Sep ~ 2015.Jun: Working as freelancer for German translation and interpretation

2005.Jan ~ 2012.Aug: Audi Volkswagen Korea (Volkswagen Division)
1. Volume Planning and market analysis
Long-term planning: Forecasting demand of Korean domestic & import passenger car market and VW volume in Korea for the next 10 years based on automobile market analysis.
Short-term planning: Realistic sales FC for the running year and the following year by model and by engine, considering product and price positioning, seasonality, monthly/quarterly target, market share and competitors’ activities.
Strategic planning: Volume planning including future models based on product, price and market development.

2. Supply chain management (Vehicle ordering~wholesale
Negotiate yearly, monthly and weekly production volume with German Headquarter VW AG, based on the company’s internal sales plan. Control order and production volume to keep an ideal inventory status. Monitor and analyze slow and fast moving cars in close communication with sales and marketing department. Analyze and report risks of excess or shortage of stock. Order cars based on product specification, by VW internal ERP system.
3. Logistics:
Responsible for import/export and customs issues. Responsible for FTA regarding issues.
4. Reporting
Report market trend and results, VW sales performance, target achievement and over/under stock status to German headquarter.

2004.Mar. ~ 2004.Dec.: Gojin Motor Imports (Exclusive importer Volkswagen & Audi)
1. Order & stock control both Audi and Volkswagen vehicles
2. Order & stock control of Audi and Volkswagen vehicle spare parts

2002.Oct.~ 2003.Oct.: DMT Co., Ltd. (Koreans first ‘push-in fitting’ manufacturer
<Overseas sales assistant manager>
1. Market Analysis of the European fitting market
2. Support for overseas customers
3. Analyze market, prepare monthly sales and forecast numbers.
4. Organize and participate in exhibitions abroad

1999.April~2002.Sep.: KUKA Robot Automation Korea Co., Ltd.
German industrial robot company KUKA Roboter GmbH. KUKA Robots are used in Automobile factories like VW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, GM etc.
Supply chain management
1. Set up sales and order plan of Robots and spare parts.
2. Inventory control
3. Reporting (monthly sales and stock report to German head office)

- Language skills: Korean, fluent in Spoken and Written English and German

- Computer skills: Good MS-Office skill (Power point, Excel, Word)


- German, male, born in 1989

- Education: Master, Structural Engineering

- Looking for: Graduate job as a structural engineer

- Seniority:2 years

- Work experience:

-2 years student assistant in the engineering office as object planner in Germany
-4 months internship in a company for construction equipment in the research and development department in China
-3 months internship in the engnineering office as a framework planner in Germany

- Language skills: German (fluent), English (f), Spanish (basic), Korean (b) 

- Computer skills: MS Office, different CAD software, different building mechanics and finite elements software

- Others: I am a highly motivated civil engineer who will graduate at the end of this year with the masters degree in structural engineering. I would like to work in Korea because I have a lot of friends there and I want to gain work experience abroad and learn more about the Korean culture.


- Korean, female

- Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Mechatronics Engineering

- Looking for: Technical support, Sales management, Technical sales

- Seniority: 2.5 years

- Work experience:

Cubictek (May 2014-present)
Seoul, Korea

Technical support, overseas sales department 
• Technical support
- Responded questions about products 
- Trained overseas dealers and users
- When a problem occurred by users’ mistake or bugs, solved the problem

• Supported development activities
- Tested beta version and reported bug
- Analyzed customers’ requirements and made out documents for development
- Gave answers, when developer asked technical contents

• Managed overseas sales activities
- Managed and followed up orders before collection
- Issued invoice and cleared customs

• Supported overseas sales activities
- Made out manual, specification and promotion material
- Supported and advised demo  

Robert Bosch Korea (July 2013-December 2013) Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Intern, KR/SQW2 (Quality assurance department) 

• Sent defective products to overseas engineers for reports about the defective products
• Communicated with international engineers 
• Used SAP to receive reports

- Language skills: German (fluent), English (conversational), Korean (native) 

- Computer skills: Good handling of Microsoft office, Available to use  SolidWorks&Catia V5

- Others: Studied mechatronics engineering               

Working for a CAD/CAM company (two years and five months)
Main task: Technical support engineer / overseas sales management
Language: Available to speak German and English


- German, female, bon in 1983

- Education: M.A. Sports science and law, M.A. Governance (graduation date 2018) 

- Looking for: employment in South Korea. Would love to work in the customer service sector or marketing

- Seniority: 5 years

- Work experience: Insurance industry: Broking, underwriting and sales

- Language skills: German (fluent); English (f); Spanish (conversational), Korean (basic), Japanese (basic)

- Computer skills: MS Office, SalesForce

- Others: Multilingual consultant with strong analytical skills and hands-on attitude, social media savvy. Core competencies:

  • Analysis
  • Report writing
  • Customer service and claims management
  • Intercultural communication


- Korean, male, bon in 1983

- Education: B.A.(State University of New York at Albany)

- Looking for: Looking for buyer or sales position in Germany

- Seniority: 7 years

- Work experience:

  • Miso Inc., Cofounder
  • Hanwha Energy, Manager
  • Air Liquide Korea, Procurement Specialist
  • Looxent Inc., Consultant
  • Bain & Company, Research Assistant

- Languages skills: English(f), Korean(f), German(b)

- Computer skills: MS Office(master), SAP(ERP)

- Others:

I am in search of a challenging position in material or component purchasing field(against Korean and Asian company) that would provide me with the opportunity to achieve greater growth and success towards my professional career. I take a strong interest in obtaining the purchasing position in German company.
I believe my experience as manager at Hanwha Energy Company( gave me the necessary capabilities to successfully handle the responsibilities for the negotiation with Korean company. My professional experiences as a team player have strengthened my interpersonal communication skills. Plus, I, as an employee, pay meticulous attention to details in purchasing contract and trading term, always brainstorming for more effective methods to complete my projects in a timely manner. I have a strong work ethic and a great deal of enthusiasm when dealing with issues in my work field.
I am pro-active and client oriented. I respond to both external and internal stimuli, having the initiative and the responsibility to make things happen. Also, I am responsible and detail-oriented to be perfect on my job no matter how small thing it is.
My drive, willingness and manageability can come out only during a face-to-face meeting. I look forward to hearing from you about potential employment opportunity and will make myself available for an interview at a convenient time to you.


- Korean, female, bon in 1991

- Education: B.A. in German Language and Literature, B.A. in Economics

- Looking for: Assistant, Coordinator

- Work experience:

2016.03.-2016.05 SUNGSHIN WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY (Assistant, Department of German Language and Literature)
2016.01.-2016.02 SUNGSHIN WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY ( Intern, Department of German Language and Literature)

- Computer skills: Microsoft Office Specialist (2010) Master

- Language skills: Korean(f),German(c),English(c),Japanese(b)

- Others:

During my university year, I worked as Internship student for scholarship in the university library. Through this, I learned how to organize efficiently papers and find them. After graduation from university, I worked in the Department of German Language and Literature at Sungshin Women's University. From the work experience, I learned effective management skills and acquired team work skills, essential for work.
I would like to use this opportunity to describe my potential contribution to company.