The BMWi follows the goal of intensifying the bilateral exchange between Germany and Korea, related to renewable energies. Korea is still relying heavily on oil, coal and gas and is not using renewable energies much. However, by promoting the use of renewables, the goal is to cover 20% of the energy needs, by using green energy, until 2030. Korea is a strong player on the export market of solar energy, and can count on a huge potential in terms of energy efficiency.

KGCCI will link all the different organizations, which are cooperating on this project. Furthermore we will organize workshops and meetings of experts. We will be especially keen on the preparation and organization of visits of high-ranked BMWi representatives to Korea, as well as visits from high ranked Korean representatives to Germany. Our duty is to establish a tight coordination between all partners of this project, such as the German government, BMWi and other affected countries and companies. We will periodically attend coordination meetings with other affected ministries and agencies to make sure to have matching statements. Finally we will present an official report, where we will give a detailed description, of the activities and experiences, and give a final recommendation to the BMWi.

Exportinitiative Energie

The “Exportinitiative Energie” is offering the possibility of foreign business trips for German company representatives from the fields of renewable energies, energy efficiency, and storage technology. The goal of these business trips is to simplify the entry of the Korean market and to establish a tight web of contacts and partners.

KGCCI will elaborate a detailed analysis of the Korean energy market, where we will collect all the important and helpful information for our German partners. In close cooperation with the BMWi consultant, we will contact fitting companies in Korea, and create a precise plan, that is not hindering our German partners in any way. We will organize the trip for the foreign businessmen, and help them during their stay in Korea. Furthermore we will make sure that there will be a smooth communication, between the delegation, and the possible future Korean partners, as well as between us and the BMWi consultant, that will help us in this matter. An important goal will be to guarantee a homogenous appearance to the outside without any contradictions.

In the end we will promote the trip on our homepage, and provide interested companies with the necessary information.