Joint Campus Recruiting of German Companies


Date: Early November 2016



The label “Made in Germany” is the proud sign of German companies whose worldwide success is undeniable. The secret that makes “Made in Germany” so successful is a combination of leading innovative technology and skilled workforce. Additionally, German companies have shown their abilities in recruiting talented persons and improving their skills to make them a valuable asset to the company.

The Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry organizes a “Joint Campus Recruiting” with German companies in order to retain outstanding young professionals in Korea.

This will be an excellent opportunity to spread information about German companies to young talented persons. You will have the opportunity to introduce your company to young people who are interested into German companies and interview potential employees directly.

German companies in Korea, who plan to recruit young professionals, are welcome to take part in this joint campus recruiting.

Target: German Companies in Korea

Date: Early November 2016

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For inqueries: Ms. Hee-Seon Lim

Tel: 02-3780-4601