Joint Campus Recruiting of German Companies




The Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been successfully organized last two big events of “Joint Campus Recruiting” with German companies. Participated companies, universities and students have shown their big satisfaction to this wonderful event. This event is open for all German companies to participate who would like to maximize their advantage as a German company. Companies can spread their name and values and also recruit young talented person directly. German companies who plan to recruit young professionals are welcome to take part in this joint campus recruiting.

  • Program
    - Title: „Joint Campus Recruiting of German Companies”
    - Date: May, 2018
    - Each participating company can present their core values and recruiting information.
    - The joint presentation will be followed by 1:1 meeting with young professionals.
  • Remarks
    - KGCCI DEinternational organizes and plans the „Joint Campus Recruiting of 
      German Companies” in cooperation with universities who wish to participate.
    - KGCCI DEinternational spreads press release information about „Joint Campus    
      Recruiting of German Companies” and promotes the event by visiting appropriate 
      universities and attracting students directly.
    - KGCCI DEinternational will produce joint promotion materials that include company
      profiles and useful job recruiting information. It will be used as handouts and on-line
      publications for promotional activities. Event banners & brochures will be included in 
      the materials. Additional promotional materials such as souvenirs, printed company 
      brochures should be prepared by each participant.
    - The exact date for the „Joint Campus Recruiting of German Companies” is planned 
       to be fixed in discussion with participants.   

For registration, please fill in the attached registration form and send it back via email until 11th April 2018.

Contact person for registration and inquires:

Ms. Seong-Eun Cho, Assistant Manager   (Tel: 02-3780-4665  /   Email: