Business Partner Search

Are you looking for a trading partner or distributor in Korea? Our bilingual market experts provide you with targeted support in your search for suitable local business partners.

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Korea is the fourth largest economy in Asia. Market cultivation from a distant place, however, is hardly possible. Different search engines and purely Korean-language websites make online research more difficult. It is, additionally, necessary to find English-speaking decision-makers to guarantee an efficient communication which can lead to lasting business relations.

Our Korean employees have knowledge about the market and know how to find the right business partner for your company. We contact companies in Korean, make calls during local office hours and introduce your company to local partners.

Kindly contact us also for individual research of customer and supplier addresses.

Organizing meetings - travelling alone in Korea?

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The Korean-speaking team of KGCCI organize appointments for you with decision makers from economy and trade. Our local staff will determine the travel times and the optimal choice of means of transport for you.

On request, you will be accompanied by bilingual staff to your meetings. We navigate you to your appointments, translate during your appointments and advise you on the special features of Korean business culture.

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