Apr 23

Annual General Meeting 2019






In accordance with the KGCCI Articles of Association the KGCCI Board of Directors kindly invites you to the 38th Annual General Meeting.


  1. Opening by Korean Chairman
  2. Report by German Chairman
  3. Report by President & CEO
  4. Report by Treasurer and Auditor
  5. Election / Re-election of Board Members
  6. Election of Auditor for the financial year 2019
  7. Honoring of parting Board Members and long-term Members
  8. Focal topics: Ausbildung, Innovation Awards, WIR Group


Please note the following:

  • According to the KGCCI Articles of Association only corporate members who have paid the current annual membership fee in full shall have active and passive rights to vote in any General Meeting.
  • The right to vote at the AGM may be transferred to another corporate member by means of a written authorization (proxy).
  • For nominations for the Board of Directors please use the attached nomination form.
  • Nominations and proxies must be received by KGCCI no later than 7 calendar days before the General Meeting, i.e. 15th April 2019 (23:59h Korea time).
  • Submission of proxies and nominations by electronic means (email; facsimile) is accepted; the sender bears the burden of proof to show proper service of process to the KGCCI.

After the AGM, we will host a reception for members and spouses.





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