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Practical Workshop to Enhance Clarity in Business Emails











KGCCI presents a self-development seminar “Effective Business Emails” in corporation with Vectis. 

This seminar takes a practical approach in writing more effective and professional emails. It is highly interactive, which allows participants to get answers to their individual questions. It is also conducted by a seasoned business person with real-life experience.  

Target of this seminar  

People who already possess adequate English skills and who wish to advance their ability to write emails clearly, accuracy, logic and proper etiquette.  

Session Description  

I: Email Formatting  

·         Improving formatting of email message fields

·          Optimizing subject lines to catch the recipient’s attention, get a reply and act upon a request  

II: Email Language and Structure  

·         Using proper formality and the right tone and etiquette with different recipients and in various circumstances

·         Making use of proper email greetings, openings and closings

·         Giving structure, format and sequence between paragraphs and sentences, for greater clarity, logical flow and professionalism

·         Using effective English sentences, expressions and words and avoiding others in order to minimize confusion  

III: Email Message Clarity, Accuracy and Logic  

·         Applying various writing tips to convey clearly, briefly and accurately the ideas and objectives of a message

·         Using arguments, direct wording and reasoning to support claims or conclusions

·         Making your emails more assertive, friendlier and shorter

·         Making requests and rejecting request from others

·         Asking for clarifications and providing clarifications

·         Applying a few elements of cross-cultural communications to avoid misunderstandings

·         Using email editing tools       Schedule  

·         Date & time: Tuesday, December 4th (13:00 – 18:00, 5 hours)

·         Location: Room 18B, 18F, Wework Jongno Tower                         
          (address: 51, Jongno, Jongno-gu, Seoul / 서울특별시 종로구 종로 51)  

·         Language: English

·         Session fee: KRW 250,000 + 10% VAT    

Please register until November 30th 2018

For more inquiries, please contact: Ms. Seong-Eun Cho ( / Tel.: 02-3780-4665)



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