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Getting to the Point in Business Communications

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 As a business professional, communicating with others and getting across your ideas is essential. At a practical level, your path to promotion may depend on how well you can:

- present new ideas to your manager or at headquarters
- describe how your product can meet the needs of your customers 
- solve complex problems quickly with partners or suppliers.

In essence, your ability to craft and convey clear and concise messages will reveal your level of expertise and professionalism to people you work with.

What’s unique about this seminar:
This seminar uses a targeted training approach not found in other organizations that are primarily geared towards language skills. This is because difficulties Korean professionals face are often not related to English proficiency.

In this seminar, participants gain practical tips to identify their point, strengthen it and deliver it
Briefly – to say it in fewer words
Clearly – to get their point across easily
Logically – to explain their position well.

Any professional working with non-Korean managers or those communicating with colleagues at headquarters, overseas partners or clients.

Language proficiency of participants:
Participants should have an adequate level of English to take full advantage of the seminar’s interactivity.

Date & Time: Tuesday, July 9th, 2019 (13:00 – 18:00, 5 hours)

Location: KGCCI Conference Room (7th Floor)

Language: English

Participation fee: KRW 250,000 + 10 % VAT

About Vectis: Vectis is a corporate training company with a 20 years track record in helping Korean professionals work effectively with their foreign managers, head office, overseas partners and clients.



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