Jun 14

Manager Leadership for Employee Engagement Seminar

In collaboration with Dale Carnegie








KGCCI presents “Manager Leadership for Employee Engagement Seminar” in collaboration with Dale Carnegie. 

The main purpose of this seminar is to develop leadership and recognize the role of the manager in the organization and learn core coaching skills and practice to coach team members to develop their competencies. Through this seminar, participants are expected to understand the role of the manager and the importance of leadership, develop coaching and communication skills in leading their team.

Leader, Project manager, Team manager    


1) Developing Manager leadership

- 4 Important leadership perspectives
- Where people and process meet
- The 5 drivers of successful manager leadership
- Exercise: Leadership story and interview

2) Coaching Skills

- Understanding the concept of Coaching and GROW Model
- Role play with scenarios
- Creating coaching plan and commitment

3) Seminar Summary and Action Plan

- Summary of learned keywords
- Creating and sharing action plan


- Date & time: Friday, June 14th 2019 (13:00 – 18:00 p.m., 5 hours)
- Location: KGCCI conference room (7th Fl.)
- Language: Korean
- Session fee: KRW 350,000 + 10 % VAT

Please register until June 7th 2019 on our website.



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