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Module 2: Improving Information Flow Between Foreign Managers and Korean Employees

module 2: for Korean Employees









Foreign managers in Korea need a daily flow of information and feedback from their Korean employees to make good business decisions. For this, employees must feel encouraged to speak up and share ideas openly and promptly. In parallel, Korean employees must realize why their foreign managers need them to share information continuously. Above all, they must be able to overcome hesitations to speak up and give feedback to their foreign managers confidently.

Vectis is offering an in-depth workshop focused on resolving obstacles to upward and downward communication within multinational teams in Korea.

When seeking to improve information flow within multinational teams, it is essential to address the issue from two perspectives, thus the need to conduct two separate modules.

Module II provides a complementary approach to Module I. It helps Korean employees recognize why the management style of most foreign managers creates a need and expectations for a steady flow of information, ideas and feedback from employees. The value of this module consists in teaching several practical methods for speaking up with confidence, and that are relevant and applicable for Korean employees. It also gives incentives for knowing how to voice one’s opinion, provide feedback or bring up bad news. Some of the benefits from speaking up may include working more effectively and gaining the trust of their foreign manager, as well as building a more dependable path to promotion and career development. During past sessions, many Korean employees have engaged in open and confidential discussions with the instructor, which deepened their understanding of foreign managers leadership style and resulted in greater engagement.


- Date & Time: Thursday, November 7th, 2019 (13:00 – 18:00, 5 hours)

- Location: KGCCI Conference Room (7th Floor)

- Language: English

- Participation fee: KRW 250,000 + 10 % VAT

Please register until November 4th 2019 on our website.

For inquiries, please contact: Ms. Hee-Seon Lim ( / Tel.: 02-3780-4601)  


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