Nov 22

Time Management and Vision setting Seminar

In collaboration with Dale Carnegie










KGCCI presents a self-development seminar “Time Management and Vision setting Seminar” in collaboration with Dale Carnegie. 

The main purpose of this seminar is to realize the value of time and apply time/daily schedule management tools to our task for better productivity. Through this seminar, participants are expected to prioritize tasks, improve productivity, manage stress effectively and to set vision in work and life.  

Person who needs to manage time and set vision for better performance    

1) Change management to achieve organizational performance 
 - Awareness of business reality and change and its impact on my business 
 - Recognize their strengths in business performance and find improvement opportunities to lead change
 - Benchmarking with role model through triangle of success 
 - Needs of business reality (quality-cost-time) and recognition of performance that is important in our organization and my work   

2) Time management for effective task 
 - Time Management Session Open 
 - Tyranny of the Urgent - Time Wasters, Diversions and Distractions 
 - The Essential of Prioritizing - Daily Time Log/ Monthly Project List 
 - Tips for Effective time management   

3) Stress Management 
 - The impact of stress on business 
 - Learn the principles of stress management and discuss practical cases 
 - Stress management Commitment   

4) Vision setting and commitment for change 
 - The Wheel of Life Activity: Observations on life area (career, finance, personal life etc.) and Changes that needs to be made (write down and share) 
 - Visualizing our vision and commitment speech for change and passion 
 - Summary: Summarize the training 

- Day & time: 11.22.2018 (Thursday), 10:00 - 18:00 (7hours, 12:00-13:00 lunch break) 
- Location: Dale Carnegie Yeoksam, workshop place (Please refer to the map) 
- Language: Korean - Session fee: 500,000 KRW + 10% VAT     

Please register until November 19th 2018  on our website.




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