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Understanding Korea and Koreans

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South Korea has entered the global economic environment for over two decades. Global companies hold shares in almost all S. Korean conglomerates and also global companies of all industries and sectors are present in the S. Korean market since Asian Financial Crisis in 1997. It means S. Korean society is incorporated in global direction, especially global organizations in S. Korea ought to be operated according to global company values and principles based on global direction and values. Global companies have their own global values and principles to operate the organization, the system, to be applied worldwide where they have local organizations and global companies in S. Korea should be operated accordingly. Therefore, there is a need to understand Korea and Koreans to deal and work with Koreans effectively and efficiently with controllability.


Foreign leaders working for global companies 


I. Defining Culture

II. Insight into the Korean Culture and Koreans

III. Working with Koreans  

Expected Effectiveness Participants will be able to:

• Comprehend Korean collective consciousness
Understand Korean mindset, behavior and ways of communication 
Understand socio-cultural environment & social phenomena

• Exercise active leadership to manage an organization in Korea 
Know how to deal with Korean organizational culture without being swayed by local culture 
Have controllability of the organization with an understanding of Korean mindset

• Enable the company organization to become socially responsible 
Share advanced global management system and company values to support the development of the people and society 
Create abundance through interacting and taking in different background and culture


Unwha Choi: Founder/CEO MindsGroup


- Date & time: Wednesday, August 28th (13:00 - 18:00)  

- Location: KGCCI conference room (7th Fl.)  

- Language: English  

- Session fee: KRW 700,000 + 10% VAT    


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Curriculum_Understanding Korea and Koreans

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