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특별호 - 5G / 제5회 한독상공회의소 이노베이션 어워드


  • 5th KGCCI Innovation Awards

Cover Story

  • 5G, the beginning of all new in the world
  • Now is the time for a global industrial 5G alliance
  • 5G - The Catalyst for Autonomous Driving
  • How 5G Will Transform Healthcare

Markets & Trends

  • Korea-Japan trade tensions: a no-win situation?
  • GDP estimates and forecasting the rate of growth for 2019 and 2020
  • KGCCI Half-Year Economic Outlook 2019
  • Korea’s rising babytech industry

Tax & Legal

  • Introduction to Korean Labeling and Advertising Regulations

North Korea

  • The economic situation of North Korea in 2019
  • What future investors in the DPRK can learn from China’s reform and opening

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