DIHK published "AHK World Business Outlook" Spring 2019 Results

The Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) published the results of the 'AHK World Business Outlook' based on the responses of over 4500 member companies of the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry abroad (AHK).

The global economy is lacking dynamism. With growth rates of just over three percent, global GDP and world trade will only grow weakly this year and next. International trade disputes and increasing protectionism in many parts of the world are increasingly becoming a reality for the business of German companies abroad. Only 24 percent of the 4,500 companies surveyed worldwide by the AHKs see a positive development of the local economy over the next twelve months. This is the lowest value since 2015. With 27 percent more companies expect for the first time the local economy to deteriorate. This continues the downward trend from the last survey in autumn 2018. In addition to increasing trade barriers and unresolved issues such as Brexit, companies cite the general economic policy framework as a risk to the global economy.

Please find the whole report in English or German language here.