Remuneration Survey 2018

In cooperation with Korn Ferry Hay Group

KGCCI is going to carry out the 3rd Remuneration Survey with Korn Ferry Hay Group to help the member companies to bench mark compensation and benefit practices in Korea.

Please check the information below and join us with the free survey.

1. What will you get by participating at this free survey?

1) Job mapping session (if requested):
- Reconfirm the size of each job within your organization based on the Hay Group methodology and prepare the basis for comparison against other companies’ remuneration data

2) Market Context Report (Expected to be delivered on October):
- Economic Indicators that can be a reference for following year’s business forecast
- Salary movements & forecasts (Base salary & Short term incentives according to each job family & Hay Reference Level) based on KGCCI member companies’ data (from those who join this survey)

3) Feedback Report (Expected to be delivered on October):
- Compare your employees' individual data against the KGCCI Survey participants' data

4) Benefit Summary Report (Expected to be delivered on December):
- Identifying the list of benefits practiced by major companies in Korea (not only KGCCI member companies that join this Survey but also general companies in all business sectors) and value of these benefits

2. How can you participate at the free survey?

- Please send us an email at secho(at) with company name, name of contact person, position, phone number and email address. 
- KornFerry HayGroup will contact you with more details.

3. Data Submission Schedule & Contact Information

- Data submission: June 10 ~ July 30, 2018
- For any questions, please contact Ms. Seong-Eun Cho of KGCCI at 02-37804-665 / secho(at)


[About KornFerry HayGroup]
Hay Group, founded in 1943, is the world’s first HR/Organizational consulting company, and is now named as Korn Ferry Hay Group after integration with Korn Ferry, New York stock market listed HR service firm. Korn Ferry Hay Group has been developing world’s first innovative tools and methodologies, and gaining its reputation as a strategy execution partner. Based on world’s leading job evaluation methodologies, Korn Ferry Hay Group provides market remuneration data for more than 20 million job holders in 24,000 organizations across more than 110 countries.