Seminar on IPR in e-commerce by the Delegation of the EU in Korea

The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea together with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) invites to a seminar on intellectual property rights protection in e-commerce on March 27, 2019, in Seoul.

In the context of the EU-KOR FTA implementation, IPR issues are one of the priority trade topics. A yearly IP Dialogue meeting is responsible to monitor the implementation of the IP chaper of the FTA and to propose concrete actions for cooperation.

The proposed activity derives mainly from the outcomes and resolutions taken in the EU-Korea IP Dialogue.  

If you wish to get additional information on this event, please contact Ms. Sunsook Park at or Mr. Benoît Lory at

If you wish to register to the event please contact Ms. Namju Jeon at Namju.JEON(at)



  • Day: 27 March 2019 from 9h00 to 12h00
  • Location: Seoul Square building (3rd floor) - Maximum capacity 60 seats
  • Interpretation: simultaneous (tbc)


Draft Agenda:

Introductory remarks (15 minutes):

  • Moderator: EU Delegation (tbc)
  • Mr. Sungho MOK – Director General KIPO (7 minutes)
  • Mr. Michael REITERER - EU Ambassador (7 minutes)

First Session (50 minutes)

Moderator: KIPO (tbc)

Discussion led by Government officials from EU and Korea focusing on exchange of best practices and policies established in Korea and in the EU, including in some relevant Member States.

  1. Korean legal framework and practices including voluntary cooperation by KIPO (20 minutes)
  2. EU Legal framework and practices including voluntary cooperation by DG Trade (20 minutes)
  3. Overview of voluntary collaboration practices in various Member State(s) (this could be based on the EU Observatory study on Voluntary Collaboration Practices published in 2016) (timing to be adjusted depending upon the number of EU Member States' intervention) (tbc)

Coffee/Tea break (15 minutes)

Second Session (90 minutes)

Discussion led by stakeholders and focusing on "Business-to-Business" cooperation in developing innovative and efficient practical solutions. A moderator from KIPO or the EU will be named. The exchange of views between businesses will be organised around three main topics with the objectives to set up a series of possible solutions based on b-to-b collaboration. Once finalised the participant list, in consultation with the KIPO and the EU Delegation, the time slots will be further elaborated on more specific topics and speakers for each time slot.

1. Procedure for tackling of counterfeiting products: notice and take-down, information exchange, react to concrete cases, etc.) (30 minutes)

Moderator: KIPO (tbc)

EU and Korean companies (tbc)

2. Preventive measures: filter, credit management of state holders (i.e. "blacklist"), etc.) (30 minutes)

Moderator: KIPO (tbc)

EU and Korean companies (tbc)

3. Building of partnership: how to establish B2B partnership, the meeting mechanism, network, etc. (30 minutes)

Moderator: EU (tbc)

EU and Korean companies (tbc) Wrap-up Session (10 minutes) Moderator: EU (tbc) Summary of the discussion highlighting proposals that have been discussed and the follow-up process to continue the cooperation.