Digital Service


Unleash the power of engaging webinars!

With KGCCI's digital service, hosting professional, interactive, and impactful webinars has never been easier. We provide technical support to help set up and customize your webinar landing page, engage your audience with live chat, polls, and Q&A sessions. Our experienced and dedicated customer support ensures a smooth webinar experience.

Metaverse Events

Imagine an event, highly engaging, all customizable, but yet, still much more economical than conventional offline events. 

An event where your attendees can explore the event space, engage with your staffs and be left with lasting impressions, while they are still comfortably sitting at home, whereever home may be. Such event is deliverable with metaverse. Your event could be a conference, seminar, HR event, or any gatherings up to your choice. People around the world could join in simultaenously and enjoy the fully customized world of yours. 

Another great side of this is that metaverse is much more economical for international events. No travel fees, no accommodation fees. What about hiring staffs around the venue to guide the guests? You can add these information on the map and you don't need to hire more people. Meanwhile, you can reach out to attendees all around the world without worrying for their expenses neither. The accessibility is already a huge bonus.

Try our map of KGCCI here, and find out what this is like. You will love it!

KGCCI Virtual Map (click me!)

Reference Projects


  • 2022 PowerCo Career Fair
  • 2023 PowerCo Career Fair


  • (March 03, 2021) Webinar of NRW: German-Korean Business Seminar on Automotive Innovation - from Production to Digital Marketing New Developments and Opportunities in the State of NRW and the Aachen Technology Region
  • (June 28, 2021) Webinar of NRW: Korea-German Business and Technology Seminar, Innovative Trends in Medical Technology and Health Care in Germany - New Opportunities for Korean Companies
  • (Sep 07, 2021) Webinar of NRW: Korea-German Business and Technology Seminar, The growing H2 ecosystem of Germany's frontrunner North Rhine-Westphalia - Business Opportunities for Korean companies in the city of Essen
  • (Nov 04, 2021) Webinar of NRW: Korean- German Business and Technology Seminar
  • Business Opportunities for Korean - Companies in Digitalisation and Cybersecurity in the Telecommunications Hub Bonn
  • (Mar 31, 2022) Webinar of NRW: Insights in Germany’s growing hydrogen ecosystem – Germany’s H2 frontrunner North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)
  • (Jun 27, 2022) Webinar of AGIT mbH:  Successfully shaping the energy transition
  • Reports on experiences from the CityRegion Aachen and the city of Ansan in South Korea
  • (Nov 15, 2022) E-commerce Webinar: Doing Business in Korea
  • (Mar 7, 2023) Webinar of NRW: Korea-German Business and Technology Seminar the Chemical Industry in North Rhine-Westphalia- Hub of Innovation and Progress in Europe