Business Partner Search

Who is the right partner? Find trustworthy business partners and sales agents in Korea with the help of our trilingual staff at KGCCI.

The economy of Korea is the fourth largest in Asia. However, cultivating the Korean market from a distant place is very challenging. Information required for a successful market entry is often available in Korean language only. Our team can easily navigate through Korean search engines, websites and databases to find the information and partners you are looking for.

We contact companies and introduce your company to potential business partners (in Korean). Our business partner search also identifies English-speaking decision makers – an important factor to ensure an efficient communication and long-lasting business relation between you and your future partners.

Kindly contact us for further information about our business partner search as well as other services such as individual address research of customers and suppliers.

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Meetings with Korean partners

Our Korean-speaking team happily assists you with arranging online meetings with your Korean counterparts. Let us take care of organizing and setting up online conferences and web meetings.

We also offer interpretation services for your appointments and help you navigating successfully through the Korean business culture.

Reference projects

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