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Doing business in Korea, whether newly entering the market or expanding through exporting products and services, establishing a subsidiary or new partnerships etc., will at some point lead to regulatory questions.

Am I an "authorized exporter" to benefit from the tariff preference of the FTA? Does the country of origin also appear on the goods? What custom duties and import regulations apply? Do I have the necessary Korean certifications? How do I establish a local presence in Korea and what type of legal entity makes sense in my case? Which taxes do apply? Which aspects of the Korean labor law should I be aware of when building the team for our Korea office?


Please note, KGCCI is not authorized to give legal advice. General information provided by KGCCI is therefore to be understood as basic information. Fortunately, KGCCI’s network includes a wide range of experts who can offer comprehensive and tailored advise on legal, customs and tax matters. Kindly reach out to us and our members specialized in the mentioned areas.

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