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최신호: AI Transforming Industries and Beyond

Cover Story

·   Unlocking Efficiency and Precision: Trumpf's AI Revolution

·   AI and Regulatory Revolution: Navigating Future of Compliance

·   What Could Be the Worst Invention in Human History?

Tax & Legal

·  EU Artificial Intelligence Act: Unveiling Future of AI Governance

KGCCI Economic Outlook 2024

·  Charting Resilient Paths for Korean-German Prosperity



Markets & Trends 

·  Growing Market for Analytical, Bio and Laboratory Technology in South Korea

North Korea 

·  High-Tech and AI in North Korea

KGCCI Member's Spotlight

·  Inspiring CSR

·  WIR Women In KoRea 6th Edition Kickoff Event

Inside KGCCI 

·  Coffee Break with Decision Makers in Korea: EU Ambassador to Korea

·  Taking A Closer Look At Our Member Companies

Korea Life 

·  Young Entrepreneurs in Korea 

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