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The Korean-German Chamber of Commerce (KGCCI) supports market entry into Korea for German companies in the energy sector as well as German-Korean energy dialogues.

Korean-German Energy Partnership

After years of bilateral communication through the Energy Dialogue, Korea and Germany have decided to strengthen collaboration on energy transition. At the end of 2019, Minister Peter Altmaier of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi, now: German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action-BMWK) and former Minister Yun-mo Sung of the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) signed a joint declaration of intent on the establishment of an Energy Partnership, representing an even closer bilateral engagement in the field of energy.

The Korean-German Energy Partnership aims to strengthen collaboration on energy policy between the two countries and enable them to face the future opportunities and challenges of the energy transition together. Korea and Germany are both ambitious in phasing out coal-fired power generation and expanding the use of renewable energy and hydrogen energy. Accordingly, cooperation of the two countries in the energy sector is focused on expansion and system integration of renewable energy, improvement of energy efficiency, and eco-friendly hydrogen.

After being designated as the official secretariat of the Korean-German Energy Partnership in 2021, KGCCI with adelphi together underpins cooperation between the two countries in various areas, facilitating interactions between policy makers and energy experts in close cooperation with stakeholders from both countries. In specific, KGCCI co-organizes and executes Korean-German Energy Partnership Working Group Meetings, energy workshops, expert meetings, delegation trips, and is also the co-organizer of the Korean-German Energy Day.

More information can be found on the official website of the Korean-German Energy Partnership.

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German Energy Solutions Initiative

German Energy Solutions Initiative, supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, is one of the time-honored energy projects and celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2023. Under German Energy Solutions Initiative, German small and medium-sized in the field of energy are provided with support in entering the Korean market through various programs.

As an executive apparatus of the German Energy Solutions Initiative, KGCCI first submits analysis reports on Korean energy market and potential as well as proposals for promising projects and industries to Germany every year and organizes and carries out selected projects afterwards.

Types of programs include Energy Business Trip, Information Trip, and Information Event. Through these programs, German SMEs have the opportunity to visit Korea and vice versa; important market players of Korea also have the chance to visit Germany. Furthermore, market participants related to Germany can be provided with information on the Korean market.

KGCCI, as the implementer of such programs, has been successfully fulfilling various programs in cooperation with German implementers.

More information can be found on the official website of the German Energy Solutions Initiative.

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Reference of Related Projects

Korean-German Energy Partnership / Energy Dialogue

  • Workshop on Heat Pumps: A Central Decarbonization technology (November 2023)
  • 2nd Korean-German Business Forum on Offshore Wind (September 2023)
  • Workshop on short-term flexibility Provision via electric vehicles  (August 2023)
  • Workshop energy efficiency consulting for old buildings (August 2023)
  • 5. Korean-German Energy Day ( Conference in Busan) : "Tackling the Climate and Energy Crisis: The Role of Offshore Wind, Grid Expansion and Digitalization" (May,2023)
  • Workshop on increasing public acceptance of wind energy projects in Korea and Germany (May 2023)
  • 4. Korean-German Energy Day (Conference in Berlin): " Net Zero: Embrace the opportunities of the Energy Transition" (2022)
  • 9. Fireplace Talk (Expert Roundtable): Energy Efficiency in Buildings (2022)
  • Korea-Germany Expert Meeting: Green Hydrogen (2021)
  • Korea-Germany Expert Meeting: Innovation Offshore Wind Solutions (2021)
  • Korea-Germany Expert Meeting : Energy Efficiency Network (2021)
  • 8. Fireplace Talk (Expert Roundtable): Energy and Net-Zero (2021)
  • 3. Korean-German Energy Day  (Online Conference) : " Just Energy Transition, Green Hydrogen, Off-shore Wind energy and PV" (2020)
  • Fireplace Talk (Webinar, 2020): "Energy Efficiency in Buildings as an essential pillar of the Energy Transition in Korea and Germany"
  • Study Trip: Delegation from Korea to Germany  (Berlin; 2019), " Energy Efficiency in Buildings" participated from MOTIE, Korea Energy Agency, KEPCO, KIER, KEIA and Korea Appraisal Board
  • Fireplace Talk (Expert Roundtable) : „Opportunities and Challenges for Phasing out Coal and Phasing in Renewables"
  • 2. Korean-German Energy Day (Workshop) : „System Integration of Renewables & Smart Grids“ (2019)
  • Fireplace Talk (Expert Roundtable): „Towards an Integrated Energy System – Reducing the Emissions across all End-Use Sectors” (2019)
  • Expert Meeting: " Wind Energy in Korea and Germany" (2019)
  • Fireplace Talk (Expert Roundtable): „Energy Transition in Korea and Germany – Plans, Experiences and Prospects“ (2019)
  • Fireplace Talk (Expert Roundtable): The decisive role of energy efficiency in the energy transition in Korea and Germany - Discussion on status quo, barriers and incentives (2018)
  • Korean German Energy Day (Workshop): Energy Transition in Korea and Germany - The Role of Energy Efficiency and Electricity Generation from Renewable Energies (2018)
  • Korean German Energy Day (Workshop): Energy Transition in Korea and Germany - Focus on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (2017)
  • Study Trip: Delegation from Korea to Germany (Berlin, 2018), involving MOTIE, KEA, KEPCO, KEEI, KPX, KEIA, Green Energy Strategy Institute and Working Group for the 3rd energy basic plan
  • Study Trip: Delegation from Korea to Germany (Berlin, 2017), involving MOTIE, KEPCO, ETRI, KPX and KIER

German Energy Solutions Initiative

  • Energy Business Trip to Korea : " Energy Efficiency in Buildings" (2023)
  • Online Fact Finding Mission to Germany : " Energy Efficiency in Buildings" (2022)
  • Fact Finding Mission to Germany: " Offshore Wind Energy" (2022)
  • Energy Business Trip: System integration fo Renewables and Smart Grid (2021)
  • Online Fact Finding Mission to Germany : "Production of Green Hydrogen" (2021)
  • AHK Business Trip to Korea (virtual) : "Off-shore Wind energy" (2020)
  • AHK Business Trip to Korea: "Biogas und Biofuel" (2019)
  • Information event in Germany: "Wind Energy East Asia" (2019)
  • Information trip to Germany for decision makers from South Korea: "System Integration of Renewable Energy Grid Expansion and Flexibility Options" (2019)
  • AHK Business Trip to Korea: Building heat from renewable energies in South Korea (2018)
  • AHK Business Trip to Korea: Plants/Technologies for biogas and bio-fuels in South Korea (2016)
  • AHK Business Trip to Korea: Heating and cooling with renewable energies in buildings (2015)