• Auto-Mechatroniker (Car Maintenance)
  • Auto-Lackierer (Car Paint)
  • Karosserie-Mechaniker (Car Body)
  • Service Adviser

Number of Acceptance

Target Group

  • Senior students in the field of automotive/mechanical engineering at technical highschool in Korea

Contract signing parties

  • Official dealer of German premium car brands

Partner Colleges

  • Doowon University of Technology (Car Maintenance)
  • Yeoju Institute of Technology (Car Maintenance)
  • Yeungnam University College (Car Maintenance, Trucks)
  • Gyeongbuk Provincial College (Body & Paint)
  • Ajou Motor College (Service Adviser)

  • 1. Application submission
  • 2. Written test
  • 3. AI peronality test
  • 4. Interview & Result

1. Application submission


Every year at the end of April, on Ausbildung recruitment website

Submitting documents

  1. Required: Basic personal information, cover letter, high school report card, 1st/2nd desired service center (cross-application between brands is not allowed)
  2. Optional: Portfolio in free format, Recommendation letter from teacher

Ausbildung recruitment website

2. Written test


At each technical high school in May every year

Scope of examination

  1. 40 questions for car maintenance
  2. 10 math questions

3. AI peronality test


Monday-Friday on the next week of written test


On Ausbildung recruitment website

4. Interview & Result


Scheduled individually at each dealer between June and August every year

Final results

Individual notice from dealers or on the Ausbildung recruitment site in August
Accepted applicants start working at each center from September of each year