Korean New Deal

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The Korean New Deal

In 2020 the Korean Government introduced the New Deal, a medium to long-term economic recovery strategy to emerge from the global COVID-19 crisis. Government and private investments of 121.2 billion EUR will be injected in total and 1.9 million new jobs over the period from 2020 and 2025 shall be created. The three core pillars of the ambitious project consist of Digital New Deal, the Green New Deal, and the strengthening of employment and social safety nets.

The Swiss Business Hub Korea and the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KGCCI) have analyzed the Digital New Deal and Green New Deal. We took a look at the key projects of the New Deal to find out what business opportunities might arise from it. How to utilize the New Deal for your business development in Korea? What are market entry and expansion opportunities?

Please contact us if you would like to receive the short version of our report (free of charge) or if you are interested in purchasing the full report for 50,000 KRW (40 EUR).