Sep 26

Fireplace Talk

„Towards an Integrated Energy System – Reducing the Emissions across all End-Use Sectors “

As industry-based economies Korea and Germany face similar challenges when it comes to shaping their energy system’s future. Both countries aim to significantly reduce their carbon emissions by increasing the usage of renewable energy and energy efficiency while phasing out the use of nuclear energy and reducing the reliance on fossil fuels.

To achieve the energy transition and carbon emission reduction targets, renewable energies are not only needed in the the electricity sector but will become increasingly important in the energy consuming sectors buildings (heating and cooling), transport and industry. With renewable electricity becoming the prevailing energy source, solutions for effectively coupling the different energy sectors will be crucial. For instance, electric vehicles, heat pumps, short- and long-term energy storage and flexible power consumption models will play an important role for integrating renewable energies in the entire energy system. This will require a comprehensive approach from policy makers, aiming at an integrated energy system.

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, KGCCI would like to invite you to join a Fireplace Talk on the topic of „Towards an Integrated Energy System – Reducing the Emissions across all End-Use Sectors “.  The luncheon discussion provides experts a platform for discussing the differences and commonalities of the German and Korean approach towards decarbonising the end-use sectors. Strategies, barriers and potential solutions for increasing the share of renewable electricity in those sectors and coupling the different energy sectors shall be discussed. A special focus is put on increasing renewables in the transport sector and the role of hydrogen for sector coupling.

* This event is for energy experts only. If you have received an invitation letter from us, please register here as seats are limited

* Participation in the event is free; the presentations and discussion will be translated simultaneously into English/Korean.

*All participants will receive lunch. Also, there are parking lots available if needed.


Date and Venue:

September 26, 2019, Millennium Seoul Hilton, 3Fl, Jade Room 


Time     Top
10:30-11:00Registration and Coffee

Moderator: Ph.D. Ik-Pyo Kim Team Director, Demand Side Policy Division, Korea Energy Agency

11:00-11:15Welcome and Introduction by Moderator
11:15-12:00Keynote Presentation

“Coupling the different energy sectors – the role of synthetic energy carriers in the future energy system”

Dr. Cyril Stephanos, Deputy Head and Scientific Coordinator, Energy Systems of the Future (ESYS), acatech (National Academy of Science and Engineering)

 “Strategies and Tasks for Implementation of the Hydrogen Economy Roadmap in Korea”

Ph.D. Jae-Kyung Kim, Head/Research Fellow, Oil Policy Research Division, Korea Energy Economics Institute (KEEI)

12:00-13:00Moderated talk, Q&A and open discussion while lunch is served
13:00-13:10Closing Remarks


Contact Person in KGCCI: Ms. Jihee Jeong, 02-3780-4690,   
                                          Ms. Jiyeon Kim, 02-3780-4692, jykim(at)

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