Dual Vocational Training in Korea

The Ausbildung (Dual Vocational Training) is a joint initiative of KGCCI, BMW Korea and Mercedes-Benz Korea in Korea.

The joint initiative of KGCCI, BMW Korea and Mercedes-Benz Korea for implementing Dual Vocational Training (Ausbildung) in Korea showed that the pre-requistes in this country are very favourable for a succesful launch.

The interest of students and their parents, high-school and colleges is very high. This is an indication that the Korean society is seeking for new profound ways of education other than the classic University career. Ausbildung is obvioulsy seen as such with its 3-year education which divides in training on the job and academic education at the same time. Ausbildung is since decades a very successful way of education in Germany and is seen as one of the best means to battle youth unemployment rate. This could also apply for Korea. With the support of Ausbildung, jobs could be created which are especially focusing on young people who enter the labor market for the first time. Due to their advanced knowledge and their solution-oriented work approach, they are highly valuable for the industry. Fact is, Ausbildung is not a compromise or temporary solution, but an acknowledged, demand driven and alternative entry to the job market and qualified jobs which gives young Koreans a perspective for life.

BMW Korea and Mercedes-Benz Korea implemented in 2017 after two years of preparation the profession of KFZ Mechatronics due to the fact that there is a high demand of highly qualified workers. This example can also be applied for any other profession with respective demand from the industry.

In Germany more than 300 professions are qualified for Ausbildung. Ausbildung is creating positive effects in and for society and in consequence also for the economic development of the country: not only for Korean companies but also for foreign investors (high number of qualified workers).


"We would like to implement a sustainable new way of education for Korean youth using and supporting their talents not only focusing on professional skills but also on the personal development. Because the future matters."
- Susanne Woehrle, Project Manager


"Realizing visions is even better than just having them" (Noch schöner als Visionen zu haben ist, sie zu verwirklichen).
- Lisz Him, Austrian Philosopher


What is Ausbildung?

1. Dual Vocational Training is a system for professional training and academic education successfully performed in Germany for decades

2. It happens in two venues – the Company (70% on the Job Training) and the Vocational School (30%)

Reasons for Implementation Ausbildung in Korea

Youg People Need

- Money
- Want to get independent earlier
- Have a lot of potential
- Want to have a career and life perspective (also without studying)

Industry Needs

- Innovation/Creativity
- Self-Responsibility
- Loyalty from Employees
- Know How
- Cost Savings

Society Needs

- Reducing Youth Unemployment Rate
- Strengthen Competitiveness
- Innovation/Creativity
- Secure Future

How does Ausbildung Work in Korea?

Profession: Auto Mechatronics
Duration: 3 years

Target Group:
High School Students from Technical HS (with automotive background)/3rd Year

Contract Partners:
Audi Volkswagen Korea, BMW Group Korea, Daimler Trucks Korea Ltd., MAN Truck & Bus Korea, Mercedes-Benz Korea

Partner Colleges:
Doowon Technical University College, Yeoju Institute of Technology (YIT), Yeungnam University College

90 Trainees in 1st generation, 131 Trainees in 2nd generation

44 fully certified Trainers in 1st generation, 31 fully certified Trainers in 2nd generation and 27 Trainers in training now for 3rd generation

Qualified professors in partner colleges

Certification German Dual Vocational Education in Foreign Countries/ Level A Certificate (first outside of Europe) and Academic College Degree

1st of September 2017 - 1st generation of Trainees
1st of September 2018 - 2nd generation of Trainees   

Key differentiator points

1. Ausbildung is demand driven - there are only job offers if the company needs the respective type of profession

2. Ausbildung is a long term education - The duration of 3-years means a long-term investment of companies and trainees into the future which pays off well; the result is a high-quality education not only on technical skill side, also on personal side

3. Curriculum is driven by industry needs - Content of curriculum is developed from companies for companies needs - Strong Alignment between content for training on the job and academic curriculum (theoretical knowledge supports practical work)

4. Trainer with Core Responsibility - Trainers have a core responsibility in accompanying the High School students on their career path and their personnel development; that’s why they get special training for 100 hours

5. Full Circle of Learning - New approach of teaching and learning leads to self-responsible, solution-oriented and self-confident employees with a high level of loyalty

Benefits of Ausbildung


- Money
- Job Security
- Career Perspectives
- Substantial Education
- Double–sided Certificate (German DIHK Certificate and Korean College Degree)


- High Productivit
- Increased Loyalty
- Substantial Know-How
- Cost Reduction
- High Customer Satisfaction
- Improved Competitiveness  


- Positive Impact on Unemployment Rate
- Higher Tax Income/Lower Social Insurance Spending
- New Channel of Education
- Increased Competitiveness
- Support for Economical Growth and Development

Recruitment Process

4 Step Recruitment Process:

1. Online Application: April 22 – 26 https://ausbildung.recruiter.co.kr (*Accessible from April 22)
2. Theoretical Written Test: May 10 (at corresponding HS)
3. Online Personality Test: May 11
4. Interview at Respective Dealerships: June/July (*Differs by brand)

For questions, contact us at ausbildung(at)kgcci.com  

Ausbildung in your Company

We are ready to support also your company in implementing Ausbildung.

The following requirements should be given:
- a decent demand for trainees of a specific profession in your company
- a long-term commitment concerning financials, headcount and development of content

Please contact us in case you would like to implement Ausbildung in your company.