iit Representative in Korea

The AHK Korea in Seoul has been a representative for the Institute for Innovation and Technology in Berlin (iit) since July 1, 2017. The iit provides extensive knowledge for analysis, studies and advisory measures and draws on specialist knowledge from a wide variety of disciplines in the natural, technical and engineering sciences, such as economics and social sciences. Despite its high scientific and methodological demands, the iit is characterized clearly by a practical and implementation relevance. The association, which now includes six iit representative offices in different regions of the world, offers an interesting perspective here, as country-specific knowledge can be activated and used in a targeted manner. The aim of the cooperation between the AHK and iit is permanent institutional cooperation in projects and consulting activities in an international environment. Topics include a. joint studies and events on the subject of Industry 4.0 and the founding of high-tech startups as well as cross-border and comparative trend scouting.



The AHK Korea Innovation Award

In 2015, the AHK Korea launched an annual innovation award. Corporations based in Korea can apply to achieve an award in one of four categories between March and May of each year Innovation in Business | Innovation in digitalization | Innovation in Sustainability | Women in Business |. A German-Korean jury of experts will evaluate the submissions and select the winners, who will then be presented with their prize in the autumn of that year as part of a major innovation event with representatives from business and politics. The aim is to put German and Korean innovations in the limelight and to underline the innovative strength of German and Korean companies. More at