Program Overview

Program schedule

  • Practical training (OJT): 24 months
  • Theoretical education (OFF-JT): 12 months

Total 36 months (18 months military service period excluded)

Lesson plan (On-site curriculum)

On-site curriculum based on ‘Full Circle of Learning’

On-site curriculum of Ausbildung (lesson plan) is structured based on the 'Full Circle of Learning'. Trainees work at each service center following six stages [Information research → Planning → Decision → Execution → Review → Evaluation] together with their trainers. After completing their tasks, the relevant results are written in the ‘Record book', on the Ausbildung online platform.

Ausbildung Online Platform

College curriculum

Action-oriented education

Ausbildung partner colleges operate a separate class for Ausbildung trainees within each automotive department to provide high-quality theoretical education with an action-oriented education tailored to the German curriculum.
Unlike the existing college curriculum that focuses on each subject, Ausbildung adopts an action-oriented education. In particular, not only major subjects but also subjects (politics, economics, and sociology) account for 1/3 of the total curriculum, so that trainees can develop the essential competencies to fulfill the role as members of society.