Online & Offline Seminars and Trainings

Our Online & Offline Seminars and Trainings, trainings and language courses are tailored to our members and partners. We offer a platform to share knowledge and insights throughout our network and beyond. Join us and exchange with other experts on the latest market trends, new policies, legal topics and learn more about innovative approaches in regard to HR, teambuilding, leadership and intercultural trainings.

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Member-to-Member Seminars

Member-to-Member seminars are organized by KGCCI members for other members to provide a platform for business exchange. Topics include e.g. legal matters relevant for companies in Korea, proper strategies for investing and management development for more effective employee retention/development. Seminar topics can cover various areas such as legal and HR issues, communication and management or other relevant topics for our members.

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Open seminars

The Open Seminars convey topics such as leadership, intercultural training, team building, communication and sales. The primary goal is to define the differences and similarities between Korean and German professionals to understand the motivation behind their complex businesses. According to this, the networking of Korean companies with overseas partners should be strengthened and their successful cooperation secured.

Intercultural understanding and exchange will be promoted through intercultural training. This type of training is most effective for people who are preparing for a good start in the Korean (work) culture and who seek to adapt and improve their company’s working environment.

Open Seminar programs are offered for individuals and groups in German, English or Korean. In collaboration with innovative organizations we offer the possibility to hold the seminars in the KGCCI meeting room or at other locations of your choice.

Selection of our Online Seminars

  • Getting to the Point in Business Communications
  • COVID-19: Governmental Support for Employment & Labor Issues
  • Crisis Management – Organizational Changes & Contractual Implications
  • More Virus than Vision? South Korean Parliamentary Elections in Unique Times
  • KGCCI’s Smart City Talks: How Do Smart Cities Combat COVID-19?
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Korean language course for German expats in Korea

In order to fast-track the integration of German speaking KGCCI members into the Korean business culture, KGCCI organizes small Korean learning groups among KGCCI members. Our language courses are tailored to our members’ language skill level and learning speed.

In addition, customized and individual language courses are available upon request.