Company Intelligence

To better customize your payment terms, we can obtain commercial register extracts and credit risk assessments from your Korean customers, suppliers and business partners.

Obtaining reliable information about Korean companies is a difficult task from abroad. Language barriers are not the only hurdle. Koreans use Korea-specific search engines, different payment systems and Korean websites are often encoded in such a way that translation programs cannot decode the text properly.

We find the information you are looking for and compile our research findings geared to your needs in German or English.

Credit Risk Assessment

Knowing the solvency situation is essential when dealing with new business contacts. KGCCI obtains creditworthiness information from your Korean customers, suppliers and business to better customize your payment terms.

Commercial register

Who are the decision-makers in the company? How long has a company been active in the market? How much is the share capital? An extract from the commercial register provides you with first-hand information about the integrity of a company in question.