After passing the assessment at the end of TtT course, participants receive an Ausbildung Trainer Certificate issued by DIHK and KGCCI. This proves that the holder has vocational pedagogical qualifications as a trainer. In order to work as an Ausbildung trainer, in addition to professional competencies (work experience in the relevant profession) and personal competencies (personal abilities as a trainer), vocational pedagogical knowledge are required.

The TtT assessment consists of a written test and a practical test, and is divided into the following four behavioral areas:

  • Reviewing Ausbildung conditions and planning for Ausbildung
  • Participate in Ausbildung preparation and trainee recruitment
  • Operating Ausbildung
  • Finishing Ausbildung

The TtT course is not just for preparation of the Ausbildung trainer assessment. Rather, it focuses on the role of the trainer after the assessment.