What is TtT?

TtT is...

The Ausbildung Train the Trainer(German: Ausbildung der Ausbilder, AdA) is a further training based on the Ausbildung Trainer Qualification Regulations (AEVO) of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and follows the same rules and standards throughout Germany. This regulation indicates the requirements to work as a trainer under the Vocational Training Act in Germany.

The TtT course takes 100 hours of lecture, thus providing sufficient time to convey the lesson in theory and in practice. By doing so, training is organized in a clear and practical way, and the course helps participants to optimally prepare work as trainers.

Ausbildung (vocational training) is an important part of the future of companies. As job experts of each company, trainers pass on their long-term experience and expertise to young people, laying the foundation for their necessary careers and contributing to the future of the company. To fulfill these responsibilities, trainers need job-related skills and knowledge as well as the ability to communicate them clearly. Organizing and monitoring Ausbildung courses and managing training outcomes is a complex and difficult field.

The TtT course of KGCCI consists of a total of 2 weeks of training and 2 days of assessment (written/practical). Participants acquire vocational pedagogical competencies and essential organizational management competencies, as well as solutions to the challenges they will face while working with junior employees as trainers or middle managers within a company.

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