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“Drive into Your Dream” KGCCI and German Automotive Brands Unveils 'Ausbildung 2.0'


“Drive into Your Dream” KGCCI und deutsche Automobilmarken enthüllen 'Ausbildung 2.0'

(Seoul, April 8, 2024) The Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KGCCI, President & CEO Martin Henkelmann), announced ‘Ausbildung 2.0’ in collaboration with Daimler Truck Korea, MAN Truck & Bus Korea, Mercedes-Benz Korea, Porsche Korea, Volkswagen Group Korea, and BMW Group Korea on April 8, marking the 8th anniversary of the introduction of the program in Korea.

The 'Ausbildung' program, introduced by KGCCI in Korea, combines practical industry training (70%) with theoretical education (30%). Upon completion of the program, trainees receive Ausbildung certificate issued by the German Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) and KGCCI.

With the new slogan 'Drive into Your Dream', Ausbildung 2.0 focuses on streamlining recruitmtnt,   providing comprehensive  guidelines, implementing trainee motivation systems and multidimensional systems to ensure quality of learning both in workplaces and schools.

Starting this year, personality tests are eliminted, with adjustments made to the format and content of written evaluations.  Additional documents are now required for trainee positions in general car maintenance, sheet metal and, painting. Recruitment for 2024 will run from April 15th to the 19th.

In addition, a comprehensive web-based guidebook outlining the program overview, recruitment process and completation states in detail . This systematic and transparent program guide aims to enhance participants' understanding of the Ausbildung program.

In addition to organizing various events to motivate trainees and introducing multidimensional systems to enhance learning across workplaces and schools, the focus will be on improving satisfaction with the program and establishing a more systematic and efficient education and training system.

Amidst a pivotal juncture in the automotive industry, brands participating in Ausbildung and KGCCI are continuously striving to proactively identify and nurture technical talents in response to rapidly changing labor environments and demographic shifts. Through 'Ausbildung 2.0,' it is expected that improving the quality of skilled talent within the German car service network will lead to enhanced service quality and customer satisfaction.

Daimler Truck Korea is actively engaging with dealerships nationwide to provide detailed information about the expanded participation and effective operation of the Ausbildung program. This aims to ensure active involvement in nurturing technical talents. Additionally,  the trainees from Daimler Truck Korea Gonjiam and Pohang service centers will graduate on April 26th.

Antonio Randazzo, president and CEO of Daimler Trucks Korea, stated "Participation in the Ausbildung program is integral to Daimler Truck Korea's pursuit of 'For All Who Keep the World Moving' in the domestic market, as part of our global service talent education program." He added, "Through collaboration with advanced German technical talent education programs, we aim to contribute to job creation and mutual growth in the domestic commercial vehicle industry."

Dr. Martin Henkelmann, President and CEO of KGCCI, emphasized the significance of "Drive into Your Dream," the new slogan unveiled alongside Ausbildung 2.0, stating, "It encapsulates the belief and future of Ausbildung." He further highlighted, "By completely updatingthe entire process from recruitment to implementation and completion, we not only aim to enhance participant satisfaction but also contribute to the advancement of vocational education programs domestically." Additionally, he affirmed, "The brands involved in Ausbildung and the KGCCI are committed to supporting trainees in pursuing their dreams and achieving even greater success."

KGCCI introduced the 'Ausbildung' program in Korea in 2017, in collaboration with German automotive companies such as Mercedes-Benz Korea and BMW Group Korea. Subsequently, Daimler Truck Korea and MAN Truck & Bus Korea joined in 2018, followed by Volkswagen Group Korea in 2019 and Porsche Korea in 2021. Currently, five Korean colleges are  participating in four different Ausbildung professions – general auto maintenance, car body, and painting and service advising. The program has seen an impressive growth that around 470 trainees and 280 trainers are currently involved in the program, operating at 145 service centers. A total of 129 trainees have successfully completed the program. Presently, around 440 trainees and 280 trainers are  participating in the program, with 82 expected to graduate on April 26th.