Energy projects

The BMWi pursues the goal to strengthen the bilateral exchange between Germany and Korea in the field of energy.

Energy dialogue

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Korea is still strongly dependent on oil, coal and gas. However, the goal of the Korean government is to promote the use of renewable energy to cover 20% of energy with renewable energy by 2030. Korea is a strong player in the export market for solar energy and has enormous potential in the energy sector.

KGCCI organizes workshops, expert meetings and visits of high-ranking representatives of BMWi to Korea, as well as visits of high-ranking Korean representatives to Germany.



Export Initiative Energy

The "Export Initiative Energy" offers an opportunity to visit German companies in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and storage technology. The aim of these business trips is to simplify entry to the Korean market and to build up a dense network of contacts and partners.

KGCCI provides a detailed analysis of the Korean energy market and organizes trips to Korea on this topic.

The German Energiewende

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Reference projects

Energy Dialogue

  • Fireplace Talk (expert meeting): The decisive role of energy efficiency in the energy transition in Korea and Germany - Discussion on status quo, barriers and incentives (2018)
  • Korean German Energy Day (Workshop): Energy Transition in Korea and Germany - The Role of Energy Efficiency and Electricity Generation from Renewable Energies (2018)
  • Korean German Energy Day (Workshop): Energy Transition in Korea and Germany - Focus on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (2017)
  • Study Trip: Delegation from Korea to Germany (Berlin, 2018), involving MOTIE, KEA, KEPCO, KEEI, KPX, KEIA, Green Energy Strategy Institute and Working Group for the 3rd energy basic plan
  • Study Trip: Delegation from Korea to Germany (Berlin, 2017), involving MOTIE, KEPCO, ETRI, KPX and KIER

Export Initiative Energy

  • Information event: "Wind Energy East Asia" (2019)
  • Information tour for decision makers from South Korea: "System Integration of Renewable Energy Grid Expansion and Flexibility Options" (2019)
  • Building heat from renewable energies in South Korea (2018)
  • Plants/Technologies for biogas and bio-fuels in South Korea (2016)
  • Heating and cooling with renewable energies in buildings (2015)